Kenya Youth Employment & Opportunities Project

If your highest level of education was high school, primary or have never been to school and are jobless or working in a vulnerable job, this project is for you. KYEOP aims at increasing employment and earning opportunities for youth aged between 18-29 years through  various skills training and entrepreneurship support.

Cycle 5 Applications Still Open

KYEOP Main Components

Life Skills

Life Skills Training will equip the youth beneficiaries with adaptive and positive behavior that enable them deal effectively with demands and challenges of everyday life.  Practicing life skills will lead to enhanced qualities such as self-esteem, sociability and tolerance, offered in 2 weeks.

Core Business Skills

Core Business Skills Training will equip the youth beneficiaries with Business, Financial and Management skills that emphasize practical application of principles and proficiency based learning approaches. CBST will have 8 modules offered in 2 weeks.


After going through life skills and core business skills training, successful applicants who opt for Training and Internship will receive an eight weeks technical skills training and undergo three months of internship experience with a formal sector employer.


This will especially be suitable to vulnerable youth with limited education and those in rural areas.  The apprenticeship duration will be 5 months and the trainer will be a master craftsman certified by NITA.

Labour Market Information

The Ministry of East African Community, Labour and Social Protection (MEACLSP) will implement the Labour market information System (LMIS) which aims at improving access to and improving the quality of labour market information for skills matching.

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