Faith Ondieki: KYN1-1714

Faith Ondieki is a grateful young lady who given a chance would be the program’s ambassador because of the passion filled in her voice as she speaks of the Kenya Youth Empowerment Project.“I am currently the accounts clerk at Vera Beauty College, where I was initially posted as an intern through the Kenya Youth Empowerment Project,” replied Faith to the question on what it is she is doing now after the graduation.

Faith heard about the internship from her uncle who saw it online. She sent in her application on the last day and as fate would have it she was called in for the interview. Faith goes on to explain of her experience, “All of it was impressive because of the life skills we were given and also the core business training. All these came in handy because right now I have a job and I am saving to set up my own business in the near future. I’ve had a good experience at my place of work and still am. In addition to that, I am trying to get my relatives and friends to register with KYEP for the program because I am where I am today because of the program. My parting shot is to simply thank KYEP and the World Bank for such a great opportunity”.