Sadia Alinoor Haj: KYN1-2348

Saida Alinoor comes from a single-parent family, which led her to dropping out of school when she was in form two due to lack of funds but she was determined to change her life’s course however best possible. Sadia in her own words narrates, “I was just at home with nothing gainful to do and had lost hope in life hence was mainly indoors. A friend told me about the advertisement on the training and internship programme and where I could get the application forms. I took it, made a copy, filled it and sent it. A few weeks after sending my application form, I was called by KYEP and informed that I had been selected for the Training and Internship programme.

I am more than grateful for the opportunities realized through the program because of the life skills and business skills I received during the training. The training improved my self-esteem, I could not talk in a gathering and since in my culture, women were not allowed to address a gathering. I cannot believe that I can now stand in front of a large crowd and talk. I did not believe in myself before but after the trainings, I have confidence. For internship, I was posted to the Jua Kali sector in Kariobangi North market to do tailoring. I had very supportive Employer who mentored me and encouraged me that I could make it. I also recall during entrepreneurship where we were encouraged by the guest speakers that one could start small and become a successful entrepreneur. As a result, during my internship since I wanted to uplift the standard of my family and ensure I could be self-reliant, I saved the little stipend I received and bought my own sewing machine. After the programme since I did not have enough capital to start my own business, I decided to sew clothes from my home and could get a few customers and gradually the number started growing up and as a result, managed to raise capital and opened a shop in Kariobangi market where I mainly concentrated on making of bed covers”

At the moment, Sadia has established a new business in Eastleigh and Employed one Employee. On a good day, she is able to make up to at least KES. 3,000 per day. Besides, she leads in a group whose main aim is to encourage young girls in following their dreams. Her dream is to expand her business and be able to reach a wider market at the same time create employment to the young people who are languishing in crime for lack of positive engagements.

“Young people should believe in their own potential, pray hard to God and keep hope alive in them,” was Sadia’s parting shot when the interview ended.