Susan Kabura Wanjiru: KYN1-232

Susan is 25 years old. She sat for her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) in 2006. Did a diploma in IT in 2007/08? Before she got involved in the KYEP program she was doing a casual job at a photocopy shop where she was earning about KES. 3000 a month. In her own words, she says “The KYEP trainings I attended was very good and all of them were very helpful. In the first attachment, I was placed with a beadwork business since there was no Internship in my area of interest and I did not want to lose this golden opportunity that I had gotten. I therefore went although I did not like it much hence I requested to be reallocated.

KYEP heard my plea and got an opportunity for me at Diversely East Africa.  At the Firm, I was first posted on switch-board operations, then exports department support and now got a contract to support the procurement department on a renewable contract. I make a net of 16,000 and meals are provided for.  Am therefore very grateful for this opportunity since without KYEP, I would not have gotten where I am today. The exposure has been very beneficial as well as the learning I got from the LST and the other training.

KYEP should thus expand the training to other places and towns in the country. May God bless KYEP” Concludes Susan.