Tom Obara: KYN2-4426

“I have had challenges since my childhood after losing my parents and hence only lived my brother. I was a bright student and used to top in class since primary school. However, as fate would have it, I could not proceed beyond form 3 due to lack of fees hence the only certificate that I had was KCPE. I therefore embarked on farming for subsistence in my paternal land to ensure my brother and I had some food on the table. I had gotten to a point of despair of ever furthering my education when I got a call from my Aunt through my brother’s phone informing me that he had collected an application form that provided youth with an opportunity to be trained and be provided internships. I completed the form to me and sent it back to her. After filling the form, I was hopeful that I would get the opportunity. A month later, I got a call from KYEP informing me that that I had been selected. I was very delighted since I knew that I had gotten an opportunity to acquire knowledge which I thought I would never got and therefore relocated from countryside to come and live with my aunt who was living in Mathare Slums.

The Life skills training I attended enabled me have positive attitude towards life, improved my personal esteem, got to know how to dress and I was also able to network with people I never thought I would meet. After Life Skills Training, I attended and Core Business Skills Training and Entrepreneurship Skills Training which introduced me to business planning, how to raise capital, customer care and risks in business. I also got to know that I could start from something little and make profit. The trainings which we undertook in university premises made me feel I was in a higher institution. I count myself to have gone to university and was proud receiving lectures with other youth who had gone up to university level as well.

I finally attended MSE sector training and was placed with an Employer in Motor Vehicle mechanics. Since I was living in Huruma but placed with the Employer at Dagoretti, I would therefore wake up very early and walk from Huruma to town and other times walk to Dagoretti and back to enable me save the stipend and facilitate my stay in Nairobi since I did not have any other financial support. I would even at times be rained on but never despaired since I knew what I wanted to reap at the end of the day (knowledge and skills). I didn’t know I would step in a big office like KYEP nor even thought of ever stepping in Nairobi. An opportunity which I was provided through this programme

Immediately after Internship completion, the same Employer I had been placed with in Motor Vehicle Mechanics (Eliud) saw the effort I used to place at work and he called me for some work and would pay me. While there, I got some Employment opportunities at a Steel Company that deal with steel structures and roofing. I earn an average of KES 400/= a day and now rented my own house. I hope to save some money from my current employment and further my skills in Motor Vehicle Mechanics.

I am very grateful for the opportunity KYEP gave me to acquire additional knowledge and skills. May God bless KYEP. Concluded Obara”.