18 CCC Energy and Matter In a thermonuclear bomb, a fission reaction first creates
the energy and pressure to drive a secondary fusion reaction. Explain why this two-
stage process is necessary for a fusion bomb.

Answer :

Final answer:

The two-stage process involving fission followed by fusion is vital for a fusion bomb due to the high temperatures needed for nuclear fusion to occur.


A two-stage process involving a fission reaction followed by a fusion reaction is necessary for a fusion bomb due to the extremely high temperatures required for nuclear fusion to overcome the nuclei's electrical repulsion. The initial fission bomb generates the energy and pressure needed to kickstart the fusion reaction, creating the conditions for fusion to occur.

By detonating the fission bomb first, the intense heat and pressure produced helps initiate the fusion reaction, achieving the high temperatures necessary for the fusion process to take place. This two-stage process allows for the controlled release of a massive amount of energy characteristic of thermonuclear bombs.

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