Based on information in "The Evolution of Useful Things," what prompted the creation of waterproof sandpaper?

A. A salesman being embarrassed by faulty products
B. The need for a considerable amount of sanding
C. The poisoning of automobile industry employees
D. Richard Drew's work as a lab technician

Answer :

Final answer:

Waterproof sandpaper was created due to the need for substantial sanding. Innovations in material properties drive advancements in different industries, highlighting the significance of meeting specific needs and enhancing functionalities.


The creation of waterproof sandpaper was prompted by the need for a considerable amount of sanding. In The Evolution of Useful Things, innovations like waterproof sandpaper were driven by practical needs, such as enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of sanding processes.

For example, in the evolution of materials like rubber and plastics, the improvement of their properties led to significant advancements in various industries, showcasing the importance of adapting materials to fulfill specific purposes.

This evolution illustrates how technological progress often stems from addressing practical challenges and enhancing the functionalities of existing materials.

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