Confucianism, Taoism, and Legalism Quiz

What was one influence on Confucius's teachings?

A. Poverty influenced Confucius to teach people how to reject social hierarchy.
B. Working in the government influenced Confucius to teach about order.
C. The Tao Te Ching influenced Confucius to teach about the need for filial piety.
D. Receiving an education influenced Confucius to teach about the importance of rebellion.

Answer :

Final answer:

Confucius, influenced by the Zhou Dynasty, emphasized social order and filial piety in his teachings, contrasting with Legalism.


Confucius, influenced by the early rulers of the Zhou Dynasty, developed his philosophy emphasizing government, morality, ethics, social roles, and rituals. He taught about achieving social order and his philosophy forms a significant part of East Asian cultures.

One influence on Confucius's teachings was the need for filial piety, highlighted in the writings of the Tao Te Ching. Confucius stressed the importance of harmonious relationships, rituals, and righteousness.

Legalism, on the other hand, emphasized a strict system of punishments and rewards to maintain law and order, differing from Confucian teachings.

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