How did James Hargreaves' invention impact the textile industry?

A. It led to a decline in textile production and unemployment among workers.
B. It revolutionized the industry, increasing the speed and efficiency of spinning thread.
C. It caused a shift away from mechanized production and back towards hand-spinning.
D. It resulted in a decrease in the quality of textiles produced.

Answer :

Final answer:

James Hargreaves' spinning jenny revolutionized the textile industry during the Industrial Revolution by increasing production efficiency significantly.


James Hargreaves' invention, the spinning jenny, revolutionized the textile industry during the Industrial Revolution. By allowing a single worker to produce multiple threads simultaneously, it significantly increased the speed and efficiency of spinning thread, leading to a massive boost in textile production.

This invention, along with other textile machines like the water frame and flying shuttle, played a crucial role in the mechanization of the textile industry, reducing labor hours and transforming textile production from a manual labor-intensive process to a more efficient factory-based system.

The advancements in textile machinery during this period transformed the industry, paving the way for the rise of textile factories and the mass production of fabrics for domestic and international markets.

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